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Safety Starts at Home


Injuries in the home, hmmmm-when I was preparing to write this article I really had to think about how to try to make the subject of home injuries and home safety interesting. How would I grab your attention and say, "Hey, I'm talking to you!" without sounding like I know it all, or like I am implying that everyone's home is a death trap? After all, I am a parent too, and frankly, I think my home is pretty safe.

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Give Our Kids a Boost

Buckle Up for Safety

Plenty of confusion exists around the use of booster seats for children in vehicles. Many parents believe those once their children weigh more than 40 lb (18 kg) they can just buckle them into the adult seat belts in the vehicle. Kids, too, are part of the problem. Once a child gets out of the car seat, he thinks he's too big for a booster seat. 

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Hot Liquids Can Burn

Scalds and burns are a significant cause of childhood injury.

Children are at risk for scald burns from hot liquids, grease and scalding bath water. In 1999, 122 children were treated at the Alberta Children's Hospital Emergency Department for scalds or burns. Eighty per cent of these children were under six years of age.

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Chat Rooms - Are They Safe?

I play soccer too. I'm number 12. What's your number?"

A seemingly harmless question, but if it's for your 11-year-old daughter in an Internet chat room, it may not be as harmless as you'd think.

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