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Campers Guide To Food Safety

Some of the best family meals are cooked on a camp stove or over a fire pit and eaten at the campsite picnic table.

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Safe Handling of Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Canadians enjoy a wide variety of wholesome, fresh fruits and vegetables all year long. They are an agricultural product grown in a natural environment.

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Police Update

The Calgary Police Service regularly conducts community surveys to determine what issues are most important to Calgarians and to ensure police programs reflect community needs and expectations. The 2000 community survey revealed the following issues as the top policing priorities for citizens:

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Babysitting Safety

When my children were young, my wife and I hired a babysitter when we planned a night out. As parents, we took precautions – the same precautions taken by parents today. Parents tell the babysitter where they are going, when they will return, and leave a number where they can be reached. They lock the windows and doors and place the snacks on the kitchen counter. Parents remind the babysitter to call them if there are any problems and to call the police if there is an emergency.

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