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Creating a Master Bedroom that is a Real Retreat

The master bedroom is an often overlooked area of the home. When friends come over, it is the room where things get piled up and the door remains closed. As the adult in the home, you deserve a bedroom that feels like a retreat. Here are some simple ways that anyone can do to transform their room into a more relaxing or romantic space:

1. Move the mess. Having a nightstand that is clear of clutter will keep your master bedroom from feeling messy. Laundry piles can go straight to the laundry room. Bills do not belong. Do not let your floors become invaded by kids’ toys, clothes or books. Choose a nightstand with drawers and storage in order to keep books, tissue, glasses or whatever else you might need accessible without visually cluttering up your space.

2. Get a great night’s sleep. Whatever you need to do in order to get the most comfortable bed possible. A great set of sheets and a comforter or duvet that feels cozy. Always choose cotton and a high thread count of sheets. If you haven’t tried these, you will thank me later. A luxurious-feeling bed will help you get a good night’s sleep. Being able to relax and recuperate after a long day is the best gift to give yourself. Pillows that you don’t need to adjust all night long will help you get the best sleep possible. Spend the time to research what you like. You may need to spend more than you’re used to, but a quality pillow will change your life. Trust me.

3. Add color. You may not want your bedroom to have bright neon walls, but a subtle color can go a long way to change your mood, lower your blood pressure or make you feel at home. Decide how you want the space to feel and choose a color that helps create that mood. You can add interest by using texture in various ways. Try incorporating an area rug around the bed. A thick throw placed at the end of the bed or an elegant wallpaper on a feature wall can add the extra touch that makes the room feel finished and polished.

4. A place to relax. Create a corner with a table, lamp and a chair for you to cuddle up in. Whether you nap, read or watch a movie on your tablet, this little space in the house is all yours and you don’t need to share. Most hotel rooms have a chair or desk, and so should you.

5. The television. Never has an issue so polarized people than the stance on whether or not to have a TV in the bedroom. If this will distract you and stop you from falling asleep, then keep it out. If you have a hard time letting your worries go at the end of the day, sometimes watching a short TV show is the best way to wind down. Whatever works for you; just don’t let the screen become the focal point of the bedroom. The bed should be the focal point.

6. Window coverings. Make sure you have plenty of privacy and light control. For anyone that works at night or needs to sleep during the day, room-darkening window shades are a necessity.

7. Finishing touches. Add some artwork, lamps and accessories, and you are done! Take the time to use your room as a retreat and not a dumping ground. Enjoy it at the end of each day, relaxing and unwinding in your own personal retreat.

Brooke is an interior designer and mom to three boys. If anyone needs a place to escape, it is her. You can read more of her ideas on her design blog,

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