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Fall Décor Trends

One of the things I love about Fall is pulling those favorite pair of jeans out of the closet back into regular wear. Pairing them with a great sweater, a patterned scarf, some bling somewhere and a pair of great footwear, you’ve practically got a Pinterest-worthy or Instagram #ootd post. I am no fashionista, but Fall really does bring out the best in my wardrobe: layers. When you take your favorites from your closet and think about incorporating similar principles into your décor, you’ve probably got a winning combination.

When I look at the trends for Fall 2015, I’m reminded of warmth, comfort and a bit of luxury mixed with intentions of fun. Words you’ll hear this season include Global Inspired, think colorful geometric patterned rugs (this one has me excited!); Shabby Chic: Your grandpa’s old wood ladder repurposed as a towel rack; Vintage Upcycle: Furniture that’s been repainted in modern colors with updated hardware or new fabric; Reclaimed: All that really old rusty industrial stuff perfect for your home bar, kitchen and creating fun outdoor spaces.

Following these trends doesn’t have to be a huge commitment. Here’s what’s trending and where you can use them in your home to suit your tastes and budgets:

On-trend color: deep rich blue. Navy is the new neutral (kind of like your favorite pair of dark denim jeans). This color is trusted and liked by many. And with the opportunity to have grey, green or purple undertones, there is a shade for everybody.

Want to add blue to your home this autumn? Try these ideas:

Low commitment - Textiles like toss cushions or bath towels.

Medium commitment - Paint the inside of your front door deep blue or the insides of your bookshelves.

High commitment - A beautiful blue sofa would look elegant. Or if you’re considering a kitchen update, paint your cabinets.

On-trend texture: velvet. Soft, feminine, but also regal and posh, velvet is more about the process of production (and the end feel) and less about the actual fibres. Because velvet can be made from silk, cotton or synthetics, you will see price variances to suit your budget.

Want to add velvet to your home this autumn? Try these ideas:

Low commitment - Pillow covers. Look for velvet details adding a raised effect to other materials.

Medium commitment - Drapes or a headboard cover. Both will add depth and warmth to a space.

High commitment - Remember that blue sofa?... 

On-trend pattern: geometrics - especially honeycomb and hexagonal. Chevron and herringbone, while still popular and on-trend, are being upstaged by honeycomb and the hexagon.

Want to add patterns to your home this autumn? Try these ideas:

Low commitment - Tea towels, coasters, hexagonal-shaped picture frames and plant pots.

Medium commitment - Drapes or bedding.

High commitment - I can’t even begin to describe how gorgeous some of the hexagonal tile is that is currently available - and some have extra texture and pattern. Use this bold graphic in a small space like a bathroom or entry to create a major wow factor.

On-trend metal: copper and low-shine brasses and golds. Lately, it doesn’t seem like any metal is out of trend (well… sorry, brushed nickel, even though I like you). And mixing metals is absolutely A-OK too. The brass and golds we see today are nothing like what we saw in the ‘80s. They tend to be brushed or have a relatively low sheen to them.

Want to add metal to your home this autumn? Try these ideas:

Low commitment - Spray paint your garbage can brass or buy a fun tabletop accessory in the hue.

Medium commitment - Consider switching out some hardware on your nightstand or dresser. A new light fixture is an easy DIY fix (or call a handy relative).

High commitment - Tackle the bathroom or kitchen and install a new faucet, hinges and hardware. Low sheen gold looks stunning against navy.

On-trend wood tone: medium to light brown (but not honey). I know, we love to love espresso. After all, it gives us a pick-me-up in the morning. Warm brown tones inspired by Scandinavian design upcycled ‘70s furniture continue to lead the way. It pairs so well with black, white, ivory, navy and many of the fun pastels out too.

Want to add medium to light brown wood to your home this autumn? Try these ideas:

Low commitment - A small side table or a lamp with a wooden base.

Medium commitment - Have an all-white bookcase. Consider swapping out the shelves for some wood ones.

High commitment - A new dining table that mixes wood and metal, wood and acrylic or wood and glass.

On-trend showstopper: a new light fixture. Granite, quartz and other high-end counters used to be the focal point of many homes. But they’re almost builder basic these days. The ceiling is that third surface many people ignore. A stunning light fixture in just the right location can make people pay attention. Changing out a light fixture no matter the space requires about the same amount of commitment.

Here are three areas to consider:

How’s your front door light? Yeah, that’s what I thought. And while you’re at it, give your doorbell a quick change-out too.

Have a pot light over those stairs 16 feet up? How about adding a pendant instead.

The laundry room. My guess is this space has the worst lighting in your entire house. How are you supposed to see those spaghetti stains with a single CFL bulb? Ditch the CFL, suck it up and pay the price to invest in an LED compatible fixture. The quality of light is infinitely better and their energy use is significantly lower. Plus, we all need a little more glamour in day-to-day life.

However you choose to change up your home this Fall, I hope you have fun doing it! Take the time to do some online research before you hit the shops. Make a plan, set a budget, then totally blow it on something fabulous.

Okay, I kid.

Consider what you can tackle as a DIY project - maybe some sewing or spray painting. Or maybe you impress your kids and bust out the power tools. Remember that favorite Fall outfit you put together? Do that to your house. Something tried-and-true, something cozy, something patterned, something blingy and something really fab and splurge-worthy in just a small amount.

Kourtney is an Interior Decorator who owns The Chipper Nest. Writing this article made her want to shop and go spray paint her dining room light champagne gold and make some super gorgeous velvet cushions. You’ll have to follow her on Instagram @thechippernest,, or check out her website to find out if that actually happened ( And if you need help getting your home get dressed this Fall, she probably has an idea or two for you.


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