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A Parent’s Retreat

Many days, there’s a blonde in my bed when I get there (yes, you Barbie), despite my best efforts to keep our bedroom toy-free. On chillier days, much time is spent in our bedroom with the kids jumping on our bed, playing hide-and-seek under the covers and watching the birds outside our bedroom window. But our bedroom is also my space to take 20 minutes for myself. It’s also our place to connect as a couple. Setting the stage in your bedroom as a calm, restful space will also help you sleep better (despite those night wakings), and help you better tackle tomorrow’s challenges.

If making your master bedroom a five-star hotel suite retreat is out of the budget, don’t fear. There are various ways you can create a space in your home that is ‘grown-up’ focused and on budget.

Start with color

Think soft, muted and serene. Having calm colors in your bedroom will help your eyes and brain rest at the end of a long day. Whether you opt for a paint shade of clean and crisp white or a deep and rich grey-based blue or green, think about colors that fall within the neutral palette.

Bringing in a subtle pattern through textured wallpaper will add to the luxurious feel of your space. If real grass cloth isn’t in your budget, there are lots of paintable wallpaper options available at your local hardware store.

If you love bright colors, add brightly colored toss pillows or throws. Try using an analogous color scheme; that is, colors that are next to each other on the color wheel like yellow, green and blue. Extra pillows are great to prop yourself up for reading and an extra throw is great for keeping warm on chilly nights. Pillows and throws are also excellent ways to bring in pops of color and texture. Consider fun pom-pom fringes, faux furs and even lace details. Texture also comes from different surfaces: mix metals, glass and woods in different sheens to create depth and interest in your bedroom.

As you bring in color through textiles, consider classic patterns in modern styles and monochromatic tones. Damask, paisley, trellis and lattice have all been reinvented with modern and clean lines. Graphic touches continue to be on trend.

A great nights sleep

Invest in a quality pillow and the highest quality of sheets you can afford. I’m not talking boutique-bedding sheets, just good sheets - ones that wash well. Watch for sales. I know a new mattress isn’t in the budget for everyone, but if you can afford it, go test new mattresses out. There are many options for each partner to have their own individual firmness/softness, which will lead to a better night’s sleep and a more productive next day.

Uncluttered, calm and collected

As you consider your décor around the rest of the bedroom, consider creating an uncluttered and visually restful space. We aren’t talking sparse, but let’s make it easy to dust! Black and white photos are always easy and classic touches to add to your retreat. Think black and white family photos or digital printables.

A matching pair of reading lamps goes a long way to creating a cohesive and finished look. Dim reading lights are great for turning your brain to low key at the end of day, setting aside the to-do list and finding that serene space to let your brain clear of the day’s mental clutter.

Candles also add to the low-light alternative. On special occasions (a birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, etc.), splurge on a favorite scented candle. A nice smelling space helps keep you calm and collected.

Whatever you do, let go of the guilt of having a space that’s just for you (or mostly just for you). Loving our children starts with loving ourselves and taking care of our own needs too.

Kourtney is an Interior Decorator who owns The Chipper Nest, a family-focused company. Her bedside table is stacked high with books and magazines for those 20-minute escapes at the end of the day. Find her on Instagram @thechippernest or view her work at

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