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7 Steps to Renovate with Confidence

When a renovation or new build is organized, well thought out and planned, there is little room for mistakes to happen. So the big question is: Where do you start?

Step 1: Create a design. A design plan allows you to see what your space is going to look like, it allows you to envision what product you would like, and it is the plan that will move your project forward. It is in this stage where electrical and plumbing are all thought out prior to any work being done.

Step 2: Source products. Once you have a design plan in place, then you can start sourcing product for the plan. This is the fun part! With so many options on the market, I believe there is always a way to take the plan and create your space.

Step 3: Interview trades. Now that you have a design plan in place, and you have an idea of what products you would like for your space, it’s time to get quotes for the work you want done. When you have your design plan, it is easy for any general contractor to see your vision for your space. I believe in getting at least two quotes (but three quotes is always preferable).

Step 4: Finalize the budget. While labor to get the work done is not really negotiable, there are certainly ways to massage the budget. If you come in over-budget, take a look at your sourcing list and see where items can be changed out for a better/lower price.

Step 5: Construction time. When building starts, ensure you are regularly visiting your home to check up on the work being done. Whether you are going through a new build process or a renovation in your current home, if you are unable to regularly visit, then hire someone to do so. It is during this stage that communication is key!

Step 6: Final walkthrough. I encourage you to create a checklist to carry out your final walkthroughs (I have specific ones for each renovation area).

Step 7: Enjoy. This is the time to step back and relish in the glory of your new home or new renovation project. All deficiencies should have been addressed and now there is nothing more to do than sit back, grab a glass of whatever floats your boat, and enjoy!

Sheri is the owner of Get It Together. An eye for details, she is able to proactively plan your entire renovation, including the design, ensuring that no item, no matter how small, is missed. For more information about Get It Together and Sheri’s services, visit

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