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Eight No-Fail Home Staging Tips

If you’re thinking of selling your home this Spring, consider the value that home staging can add to your property. Stats tell us that if a home is staged, it sells 90 per cent faster than an unstated counterpart. That’s a huge difference! While each home is unique and requires different strategies, there are a few things that anyone can do to grab the attention of buyers.

1. Paint or replace your front door. Replacing your front door is an update that is shown to offer a 101 per cent ROI (Return on Investment) and since a buyer generally makes their judgement about a property within seven to 10 seconds of arriving, this is big bang for your buck. Pick a crowd-pleasing color that coordinates well with your siding. Navy, brick red, yellow, mint green, robin’s egg blue, or black are popular choices.

2. Add potted flowers, potted evergreens, or another large attractive planter on either side of your front steps. This instantly increases curb appeal, looks welcoming, and gives buyers that great first impression.

3. Remove half of the items in your home and put them into storage, or even neatly boxed in the garage. Buyers are looking for open, tidy, uncluttered spaces. The average person cannot imagine the space without all the piles of stuff a seller may have. Buyers will be opening cabinets, pantries and closets, so pack away half of what’s in there, too!

4. Paint. If your home hasn’t been painted in the last one to three years, an update would likely serve it well. It makes the house smell new and fresh, and picking a light, neutral color will make the space feel open. Buyers are still loving soft grey walls!

5. Give it the sniff test. Everyone’s home has its own unique smell, and not every buyer will appreciate that smell! If you smoke (even if you don’t smoke in the home), frequently cook with strong spices or have pets, consider renting an industrial ozone machine to neutralize odors. In general, opening windows to let fresh air flow through the house, or baking cookies or bread are all great ways to freshen a home up. Some of my clients will even boil cinnamon sticks on the stove before a showing. Avoid artificial scents, in case of allergies.

6. Deep clean. Get into every nook and cranny. Door tracks, the top of the fridge, baseboards, light fixtures, windows, get everything glowing and into tip-top shape! It makes a great impression on buyers and shows that the house is well cared for.

7. Replace light bulbs. If your home isn’t flooded with natural light, replace light bulbs with brighter, warm white bulbs. This goes a long way in brightening up a space, and makes it feel more inviting. If you have an evening showing, make sure to turn the outside light on, as well as lights inside.

8. Hire a good photographer. Most high-performing real estate agents will have a professional photographer on call. If your realtor is snapping photos with their smartphone, hit the pause button. 90 per cent of buyers first view a property online, so it’s crucial to have quality photos that put your home’s best foot forward. Great listing photos are a very effective way to get buyers through the door. A professional photographer will know how to use lighting, space, and composition to your
home’s advantage, and create an excellent first impression online.

Staging a property before listing it means your home will sell faster, and at a higher price than comparable, unstaged homes. It’s becoming increasingly common to stage homes and will help you stay competitive in any market.

Freya is a Real Estate Stager and Interior Decorator at HOME - Interiors by Freya MacLean. She specializes in working with families on any budget to transform their spaces, and offers accessible, published rates. Learn more at or

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