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Organizing Your Child's Closet

The start of a new year, and the beginning of a new season, often make me think about organizing. Two of my favorite places to start are my children’s playroom and their closets. Once these are finished, my life seems to be in much better order, and our morning routine seems to go much smoother. After our morning routines were running smoothly, it was then that I decided to share a few of my closet organizing tips that have become a way of life for my family now.

For some reason, it was much easier to keep my children’s closets organized and filled with age-appropriate and current sizes when they were babies. Every couple of months (or weeks during growth spurts), I would take out the three-month clothes and replace them with the six-month clothes, and so on. But once my kids got into the toddler sizes, 2T, 3T, and beyond, clothes seemed to stay until one day, while getting them dressed in a hurry, I realized that a shirt would not fit over their growing head and their pants looked like they were preparing for a flood.

I used to throw these clothes in piles all over the house with the intention of quickly carrying them down to the basement, folding them in neat little piles, and placing them in nice labeled bins correctly marked with each size. However, this was not reality. So, almost by accident, I came up with a perfect solution:

1. Keep a plastic bin in the bottom of the kids closets at all times. This way, when a garment doesn’t fit anymore, you can simply place it exactly where it belongs - folded in the storage bin. Once the bin is full, print out a nice label (or throw a post-it note inside) that lists the sizes in the container and place the bin in the basement or attic. (Tip: I like bins with lids because then kids seem less likely to pull things out again. Also, if the bins are sturdy enough, it can double as a step stool so that they can reach the top clothing rod.)

Hang all types of clothing together and in color order from lightest to darkest. I find this makes getting dressed much easier and quicker for my kids because all of their T-shirts are always hanging together, all of their skirts are together, dresses, and so on. It really only adds a few extra seconds when hanging up their laundry, but it is well worth the extra effort. I like how much time it can save from searching for that certain top that matches those hot pink shorts my daughter insisted on wearing this morning.

3. Matching hangers. This really can make a world of difference! Having every shirt hang at the same length in the same direction and with the same amount of bulk is truly a must! For my kids, I buy packs of the same plastic hangers for only a few dollars. For myself, I splurge on nice velvet hangers.

Seasonal changes. If you are lucky enough to live in an area that experiences several or all four seasons, then you may want to consider moving your clothes, depending on the weather. In the summertime, I place T-shirts first, but in the winter, I switch their position with sweaters. But no matter what is hanging where, they will still always hang in order of color.

My daughter only keeps her slippers and fancy shoes in her closet. The rest are downstairs in our closet by the front door. Above her shoes I keep some thicker blankets for fort building, or in case she gets cold at night and decides to layer up. Above the blankets is a bin that we keep her favorite china tea-set that is off-limits to her little brothers, along with a few other special toys. By giving everything a proper place and by keeping it in order, it allows for dressing and morning routines to run much smoother for everyone.

Happy organizing!

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