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House to Home

More Than a Photo

When my son turned one, I purchased a small book used for journaling. Just a simple book, nothing much to it, but it has become one of the most valuable items in our home. It was my Grandma who unknowingly passed the idea down to me. One day we came across a tiny book of hers that had detailed descriptions of her first born (my father) when he was a toddler, what he got for Christmas and from whom, his reaction to his new baby brother and what he was saying at the time.

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Parent Organization

The other day was a perfect example; because of the cold weather, one of us got up to go running but decided against it. That left a whole hour to do things that needed to get done. But, that hour stretched a bit – getting to the shower and breakfast took longer than usual. All of a sudden it was time to take the kids to school and things weren’t ready. The mistake – a change in routine.  

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