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Trade Show Success Tips

Tips and Tricks to Ensure a Successful Trade Show

Don’t Use Your Table as Barricades

Sitting behind your table is intimidating to most visitors. Get up, step in front
of your table, smile, say hello and have some fun. People will be much
more responsive to you.

Avoid Radar Vision

The first thing people usually do is look immediately at the visitor to determine who
the person is and whether the person is worth speaking to. Make eye contact first,
introduce yourself, and then look at the person's badge.

Avoid Stacking Brochures on Counters

Usually, the exhibitor will stack hordes of brochures on the counters
and attendees will walk by freely grabbing brochures and then dashing
away with an armload of the company's brochures. Displaying only one
or two copies of a brochure is more likely to create a request from the visitor.

Avoid Stacking Give-aways on Tables

Piles of giveaways tend to attract bagstuffers. Display only one giveaway.
It creates interest but reduces the "grab-and run" effect.


Avoid Asking "May I help you?"

When a salesperson asks "May I help you?", the most common response
is "No, just looking." Always ask the visitors how they are familiar with
your product or company and what created the interest. By asking these questions,
visitors are more willing to share information with you.

Avoid Being a Palace Guard

Sales people will usually stand in the exhibit with their arms folded
looking like a palace guard or a sentry protecting the display.
Always stand at least a couple of feet from the displays or equipment.
Be an observer and not a guard. Allow prospects to approach the displays
without your interference.

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