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Ages 0-5

Baby Those Baby Teeth - Preventing Early Childhood Caries

A child’s mind is a curious one that is constantly growing. Children are quick to learn and usually know more than they let on. Their first words and first steps are all of huge importance. As parents, we try to prepare them and help them along as much as we can for these important ‘firsts.’

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Tax Tips for the Terrible Twos and Under

Kids are a credit: Parents can claim the $2,101 Child Tax Credit for each child under the age of 18. This will result in a federal tax saving of $315 per child. And if one parent cannot use the entire amount to lower their tax payable, the unused amount can be transferred to a spouse or common-law partner.

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Escapes from Whine Country! Tips to Deal with Whiny Kids

“I neeeeeeed another brownie!”
“It hurts. I caaaaan’t have this seatbelt on!”
“Jordan took the red one! I waaaaant red!”

Ahhhhh. Classic rants of whine country. For many parents, these rants have become the whine of daily life, and it ain’t no Pinot Noir! Preschoolers are especially famous for whinery woes; and tweens? Well, I can confirm they are busted, too.

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There’s More to Preschool than 123’s & ABC’s

By the time a child reaches the preschool age of three to five, they have changed in so many ways. Many children are ready to expand their world outside of home and interact more with peers, teachers and other parents.

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