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Ages 0-5

Stay Grounded! It's Tummy Time

Babies need to spend enough time on their tummies when they’re awake to develop appropriately. To reduce the risk of SIDS and suffocation, you know the mantra: Place babies to sleep on their backs (unless your pediatrician advises otherwise) at naptime and night time in a crib that meets the latest safety standards.

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The Evolution of Cloth Diapers - Are They Right for Your Baby?

Moms want the very best for their bundles of joy, and in today’s modern world the environmental impact of some accepted baby methods, such as disposable diapers, simply can’t be ignored. So what does today’s modern mom do to satisfy her environmental responsibilities without dealing with the traditional downfalls of old-school cloth diapers? Well, there are a variety of companies who have come up with alternatives and solutions to age-old problems.

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Learn to Read Your Baby’s Tired Signs

A  good way to encourage healthy sleep is to get to know your baby’s sleepy signals, and put her down to sleep as soon as she seems tired. A baby cannot put herself to sleep, nor can she understand her own sleepy signs, so she’s counting on you. A baby who is encouraged to stay awake when her body is craving sleep is typically an unhappy, fussy baby. Over time, the pattern develops into sleep deprivation, which further complicates and interferes with your baby’s developing sleep maturity.

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Your 15-Day Strategy To Break The Pacifier Habit

Days 1 to 5: Explain to your child that as kids get bigger, they no longer use a pacifier. Point out other kids and people you might run into so they can see who has a soother and who doesn't. Depending on the age of the child, you can also talk to them about how a pacifier affects their teeth. 

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