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50 Simple Ways to Show Your Daughter You Love Her - Quick Ways to Strengthen the Mother-Daughter Connection

Little girls are sugary sweet and filled with adoration for their mommy. As they approach the teen years, the mother-daughter relationship often gets a bit trickier. I try to connect with my tween every day to remind her that we still have something awesome between us.

Here are 50 quick and easy ways to show your daughter that you love her.

1. Let her wear your favorite bracelet.
2. Put some of your lip gloss on her before school.
3. Read the same book as her.
4. Learn the words to her favorite song.
5. Really listen to her.
6. Know the names of her crush, least favorite teacher and the mother of her best friend.
7. Have lunch with her at school.
8. Get to know her friends.
9. Hold her hand.
10. Dance with her.
11. Snuggle.
12. Hug her at random times.
13. Kiss her on the tip of her nose.
14. Brush her hair.
15. Let her choose the outfit you wear.
16. Share your accomplishments with her.
17. Ask her opinion.
18. Tell her about your childhood.
19. Share your hopes, dreams and thoughts with her.
20. Show her how to do the things you enjoy.
21. Teach her life skills (cooking, cleaning, shoe shopping).
22. Buy her little presents just because.
23. Sneak notes into her lunchbox or backpack.
24. Pass a journal back and forth.
25. Take a trip - just the two of you.
26. Have a slumber party with her in her room.
27. Invite her to curl up in your bed for a movie night.
28. Tell her you’re proud of her.
29. Compliment her often.
30. Let her know all the things you like about her.
31. Brag about her to others in front of her.
32. Wash her favorite nightgown or T-shirt, even though it isn’t laundry day.
33. Take tons of pictures of her.
34. Put her photo in frames all over the house.
35. Let her choose to see you cry.
36. Be honest with her.
37. Talk to her about the hard stuff - sex, periods, drugs, relationships, etc.
38. Give each other makeovers.
39. Tickle her tummy.
40. Sing to her.
41. Bring cupcakes to school on her birthday.
42. Buy her flowers.
43. Tuck her in at night, even if she says she’s too big.
44. Smile when she enters the room.
45. Tell her you missed her when reunite after work and school.
46. Help her brainstorm solutions to her problems.
47. Support her, but teach her to stand up for herself.
48. Admit when you’re wrong and apologize.
49. Introduce her to the TV shows, movies and music you loved when you were her age.
50. Tell her you love her! Often!

Strengthening your connection just takes a few minutes of positive attention. It will make you both feel great! She’ll be grown before you know it. Savor this time in her life.

Rachael is a mother, freelance writer, educator and family advocate. She is completely smitten with her daughter, who she adopted from foster care in 2010 when she was nine years old. Find her at

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