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Beyond Golf Balls & Coffee Mugs - 105 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Dad is an original. So why does he always get the same old gifts for Father’s Day? Maybe it’s time to think outside the gift box and come up with some original Father’s Day gifts. This list of gift suggestions is organized by dad types, because, after all, most dads have specific passions and attitudes that make them who they are.

Shoppers, whether little or big, with this list in hand can use dad’s enthusiasms to help select the perfect Father’s Day gift or gifts, while enjoying an exercise in thoughtfulness. After all, doesn’t dad deserve a gift as original as the old man himself?

Here’s what dad doesn’t need for Father’s Day: More chores to do around the house and yard. Here’s what dad does need: A thoughtful gift from his family that makes him feel loved and appreciated for who he is. Here are 105 ideas to help you brainstorm a unique gift, or gift combination, perfect for the man of your house.

Athletic dad

• Running store gift card
• Sporty headphones
• Cushioned ankle socks
• Smart phone armband
• Polarized sunglasses

Urban dad

• Vinyl record frames
• Giant glass jar for ticket stubs
• Bike bags and helmet mirrors
• Public radio membership

Writer dad

• Stack of yellow legal pads
• Fancy pen or assortment of pens
• Hip laptop bag
• Writing magazine subscription
• Registration at a writing seminar

Road warrior dad

• Carry-on rolling bag
• Electronics accessory charging dock
• Bureau-top valet • Leather toiletries kit
• Custom luggage tags

Voracious reader dad

• e-Reader
• e-Reader cover
• Bookseller gift card
• Original edition of favorite childhood book
• Set of bookplates

Yard conqueror dad

• Weed whacker
• Heavy-duty work gloves
• Hand mallet
• Large insulated drink cup
• Electronic fly swatter

Youthful dad

• Favorite comic book collection
• Assortment of plastic moustaches
• Tickets to a summer action movie
• Deluxe magic trick kit
• DVD of favorite humorous movie or TV show

Outdoorsy dad

• Pocket multi-tool
• LED Solar Lightcap for water bottle
• Crank radio
• Survival skills book
• Combo compass-watch

Film buff dad

• Popcorn maker or microwave popcorn assortment |
• Favorite movie theatre drink assortment
• Superman Motion Picture Anthology, 1978 to 2006
• Pre-purchased movie tickets
• Entertainment magazine subscription

Handy man dad

• Electric screwdriver
• Tool caddy/organizer
• Nail sorter drawers
• Folding stepladder
• Binder with page protectors for instruction manuals and warranties

Digital dad

• e-Tablet
• Music, books or apps gift card
• Smart phone portable keyboard
• Gadget sleeves or cases
• Sound-canceling headphones

Sports fan dad

• Vintage-look favorite team T-shirt
• Portable snack/drink cooler
• Tickets to a game
• Bleacher seat cushion
• Licence plate holder with name of favorite team

Top chef dad

• Wooden carving board
• Knife set
• High-powered mixer
• Cooking store gift card
• BBQ cookbooks

Caffeinated dad

• Single-cup coffee maker
• Coffee shop gift card
• Flavored coffee syrups
• Snazzy travel mug
• Instant coffee selection

Guy’s guy dad

• Steak house gift card
• Six pack of WD-40
• Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson or John Wayne DVDs
• Hot sauce assortment • Beer-making kit

Cultured dad

• Theatre tickets
• Biography of favorite artist
• Tickets to a gallery exhibit
• Fine arts class registration
• Desktop kinetic sculpture

Tinkerer dad

• Hobby models
• Model display case
• Build-your-own radio kit
• Basic hobby tool set
• Cutting mat with knives

Coachy dad

• Baseball cap with favorite team name
• Custom whistle lanyard
• Set of large net bags
• Stack of small orange cones
• Portable whiteboard with markers

Homebody dad

• Gift card to his favorite pizza delivery service
• Comfortable pajama bottoms
• Slippers
• Robe
• Remote caddy

Global dad

• National Geographic DVD Set
• Scratch-Off Global Map
• GPS system
• Travel guidebooks
• Gift certificate for fair-trade items

Hippie dad

• Frisbee
• Save the [something] T-shirt
• Skateboard
• Gift certificate to vegetarian restaurant
• Set of foot bags

Christina is married to an athletic, voracious reader, writer, yard conqueror, youthful, film buff, handy man, digital, sports fan, top chef, caffeinated, cultured, homebody, global dad who is sure to be spoiled this Father’s Day. Her latest book is The Writer’s Workout from Writer’s Digest Books.

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