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First Wheels - What to Look for in a Stroller

Whether you’re a new parent or toting two (or more!) kids around town, shopping for a stroller can be an overwhelming feat. Full-size, umbrella, city, jogging, travel systems - the choices are endless! Here we try to break down some of the features to help you find your perfect match.

From city streets to rugged terrain – One of the first questions you’ll want to ask yourself is, ‘Where will I be using this stroller?’ If you’re sticking to an urban setting, a zippy umbrella or city stroller with smooth steering to navigate crowds is a great choice. While a full-sized stroller can be a good all-round option, there are now a variety of lightweight strollers on the market that offer just as many of the bells and whistles, including large storage baskets and full seat recline.

Heading to the backcountry with baby in tow? Look for a stroller with good suspension and lockable front wheels that can handle loose surfaces. A 5-point harness for maximum safety when traveling over rocky terrain and dirt-resistant fabric will see you through the most adventurous days in the great outdoors.

It’s a brand new world just waiting to be  explored – Can’t wait to show off your fresh, new baby? A full-sized stroller that features a bassinette or newborn nest means you can be strolling from Day One. Most strollers now have the option to convert to a travel system by fitting an infant car seat to the frame using a simple car seat adaptor. Just clip in the car seat and you’re ready to go!

Tired legs are a thing of the past – Older kids need not grumble anymore about having to walk alongside the stroller while the new baby rides in style! Strollers have come a long way and along with double strollers, many now have the option to add an additional seat.

If you’re in the market for a double stroller, look for one that can easily fit through most standard doorways. Independent seats where one can sit upright while the other is reclined, keeping all passengers happy and comfortable, are a nice feature.

For the mobile kid that needs a quick rest, a riding board in the form of a stroller hitch is a fun accessory that attaches to the back of the stroller. Who wouldn’t want to jump aboard?

Accessories aren’t just purses and jewels – Who knew? Strollers, too, can be outfitted with extra goodies to take your ride from coach to first class! Whether it’s a rain cover or an extra cup holder or two, a few added accessories can make all the difference in making for a comfortable and enjoyable day out with your little ones in tow. A parent organizer is a must-have to keep important items within easy reach. However, do be cautious of hot beverages that may spill, or hanging items off the back of the stroller in case of tipping!

Safety is not an afterthought – While it’s fun shopping for a stroller that suits your lifestyle, always make sure you are checking out the safety features. Test the folding mechanism to ensure little fingers won’t get pinched. Adjust the handles, or find a stroller that matches your height, so it’ll be easier to snag a wayward stroller if the brakes aren’t engaged. Some strollers may also include a tether accessory (or one can be purchased separately) for further peace of mind.

Whether fashion or function is at the top of your priority list, the number of stroller options can be mind-boggling. It helps to have in mind a general idea of what you’re looking for in a stroller before you set out.

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