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Nurseries That Grow With Your Baby

A lot of thought goes into decorating a baby’s room. But what happens when your child grows? Redecorating a room for a child can be very time-consuming and expensive, so just start with the essentials and decorate as you go along. Remember: keep it simple. If you make sure large things (such as furniture, wall paint, and flooring) are very neutral, you can work with the accessories of the room as the years pass.

Use classic furnishings, such as wood or white-washed items, as a start for the room. Stores such as IKEA® are ideal for furnishing a baby’s room, as their designs are simple, functional and affordable. Also, their color schemes are maintained through different products and styles. When you need to make the transition from changing table to dresser, or crib to bed, you can get the same material in a similar style so it matches. Keep in mind that simple does not translate to bland. You are decorating for a child, after all, and it is important to reflect your child’s personality in their room.

Begin with a soothing palette that is not necessarily gender-specific. Children often get tired of pinks and blues as they get older, so try to avoid really boyish or girly colors. Blues, however, can be for boys or girls, depending on the shade, and a gentle purple can be substituted for pinks.

Paint the walls one color and the trim of the room and door a slightly darker or lighter shade. Examples of color ideas and their pairings include (all paint shades used in examples are from Benjamin Moore):

“Neon Celery” - A pale, earthy tone of green, best paired with a color a couple of shades darker, such as “Spring Meadow Green” for accents. Try doing a nature theme in this room with wooden furniture and framed pictures of landscapes, flowers and leaves. If you want to make it really special, paint a poplar-like tree on the wall about five feet across (at its widest point) extending from the floor to the ceiling. Install a brown shelf on one of the branches for your child’s stuffed animals. Also, a hammock is a nice touch, as it can be used for storing stuffed animals, toys or blankets, and gives an outdoorsy feeling. The tree-shelf is good for books as your child gets older, and the hammock is a neat place to relax and read.

“Provence Crème” - A light, buttery yellow that works well with colors that are one shade darker or lighter, such as “Yellow Lotus” and “Pale Straw.” These colors match well with almost anything, which is fantastic because it makes your job - and the changing of your child’s tastes - much easier. Introduce brighter colors with pillows, blankets, framed pictures, curtains, and area rugs.

“Icy Blue” - A light, slightly teal blue, best paired with darker tones like “Ash Blue.” These colors are good for a boy or a girl. Try an under-the-sea theme, with pictures of fish framed in seashell-decorated frames, jars of sea glass, and stuffed animal sea creatures. For boys, stick with blues, greens, and yellows; for girls, add some fuchsias and purples.

“Sandy White” - A pale, sand-like color that is more neutral than the other colors. It is very nice when paired with “Light Khaki,” one shade darker than the “Sandy White” hue. Since this color is so neutral, it can be brightened up, again, with colorful accessories such as stuffed animals, pillows, blankets, pictures, and curtains.

“Whisper Violet” -A very light purple that goes very nicely with “Lavender Mist,” which is just one shade darker. Try a flower theme in this room with pink, purple, white, and yellow-colored flowers in pictures, on the bedspread, and like-colored accessories.

Keep your child’s things organized with baskets, colorful storage boxes, shelves and closet organizers; they will be handy for your child at any age. Baskets and storage boxes are also a very cost-effective option, as many are between $5 and $10 at stores such as, IKEA®, Chapters/Indigo, HomeSense and Michaels. Use throw pillows, cozy blankets and nice area rugs to brighten up a room and make it more comfortable. A soft area rug is great for when your child plays on the floor, as it provides a little extra cushion and is easily cleaned.

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