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Ten City of Calgary inclusive playgrounds

The City of Calgary has a number of inclusive playgrounds. Dana Wheatley (of Calgary Playground Review), has visited ten of them to bring you all you need to know about these amazing new playgrounds. 

  1. Somerset Park Inclusive Playground - 999 Somerset Drive SW

    The new inclusive playground and spray park has turned Somerset Park from a good play area to a great park. The playground has so much to offer and is a great place for a wide age range. It is one of the best all-around family fun parks in the city. The playground has some really great features such as the cool rope climber, which will be a hit with bigger kids and the ground-level merry-go-round, which all kids will love.

  2. Edworthy Park Inclusive Playground - South Access 5050 Spruce Drive SW (Bow Trail and Spruce Drive SW), North Access - Shaganappi Trail and 16 Avenue.

    Edworthy Park has long been one of Calgarian’s favorite parks. The park is located along the river and has lots of trees and picnic spaces. It is now even better with this new inclusive playground that fits right into the scenic backdrop.

  3. South Glenmore Park Inclusive Playground - 90 Avenue and 24 Street SW

    South Glenmore Park just keeps getting better. This Variety Children’s Park was one of the first accessible playgrounds in the city. In recent years, the park has gained a bike park, as well as a music garden, a short distance away from the main playground. Last year, the main play area next to the spray park was replaced with a new inclusive playground. The only downside to this park is its popularity which can make it crowded and hard to park, particularly on hot days.

  4. Hidden Hut Inclusive Playground - 10504 Hidden Valley Drive NW

    This playground is excellent and really well thought out. It provides exciting and inclusive play opportunities for kids of all ages and abilities. They have managed to include so many different elements in the space and the flow is great. A destination playground for sure.

  5. North Glenmore Park Inclusive Playground - 7305 24 Street SW

    This playground is located in a popular picnic park along the North side of the Glenmore reservoir. There is a large variety of equipment that will appeal to both little kids and bigger kids, including a double zipline and musical features.

  6. Vivo Inclusive Playground - Country Village Road NE and Country Village Way NE

    Located near Vivo recreation centre, this new playground is a great new place to play. It boasts some cool climbing features, a ground-level merry-go-round and a covered picnic area nearby.

  7. Elliston Park Inclusive Playground - 1827 68 Street SE (south of 17th Avenue between 60th and 68th)

    Elliston Park is the home of Globalfest and is now also the home of a fun new inclusive playground. The park is a great place for a family picnic and the playground has a lot of popular features, like interesting climbing equipment, musical instruments and a giant web climber.

  8. Ramsay Inclusive Playground - Ramsay - MacDonald Avenue SE and Bellevue Avenue SE

    One of the coolest new playgrounds in Calgary, Ramsay Inclusive Playground is spread across two different tiers connected by an accessible pathway. The playground has really great views of downtown.

  9. Ted Harrison School Inclusive Playground - Taradale - 215 Taravista Way NE

    The setting of this playground isn’t amazing but the playground itself is pretty great. The playground is fully fenced, has a huge ramp system and an interesting web climber in the centre of the play area.

  10. Sandy Beach Inclusive Playground - Altadore - 4500 14A Street SW

    The setting of this playground is lovely, and the park also has great access to the Elbow River. The playground has fun musical features, a fun four-person seated spinner and a variety of swings. Note: the parking lot here is fairly small for the popularity of the park.

Dana spends her free time seeking out the best indoor and outdoor places to play in Calgary with her son and blogging about them. For more information, visit

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