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Birthday Bashes on a Budget

Party-planning expert Lisa Kothari, author of "Dear Peppers and Pollywogs...What Parents Want to Know About Planning Their Kids' Parties" has gathered her tricks and tips for a  birthday party on a budget.

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Party Planning Tips from the Trenches

Planning your child’s birthday party can bring a lot of stress into your life and take up a lot of your much needed alone time. As the years go on, it seems children’s birthday parties are becoming more elaborate and time consuming. Not everyone can afford a petting zoo or a circus in their front yard.

Children are very imaginative and creative, which should be kept in mind. A simple card board box can transform into a rocket ship or a race car when your eyes are young. Use this to help make the process easier.

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Why are Birthday Parties so Stressful

Too many kids, too long, too much activity...TOO MUCH! While we want for our little ones to enjoy the experience, things can sometimes get out of control. As with most parenting ventures, we always need to start with a plan.

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No Fail Tips for Planning the Perfect Home Party

Over the past 13 years, with five children of various ages, I have organized a total of 45 birthday parties. Due to the rising cost of outside-the-home parties, we have had many home parties that were just as fun, inexpensive, and customized for the birthday child’s desired theme.

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