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Take the Party Outside

What better way to welcome in the warmer weather than to throw an outdoor party with family and friends. Having friends over gives a chance to share good times and build memories. Outdoor entertaining is easy, and there are many benefits to getting outside in the fresh air. Everyone wants to be invited to a party, so make the next party yours.

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It’s Winter in Calgary Why Not Throw a Beach Party?

After New Year’s and before spring thaw, there is a very gray area called ‘winter’. Calgary is very dull this time of year and lacks sunshine on a daily basis. This is usually when cabin fever kicks in. But before you throw everyone out in the snow and lock the doors, we have a cure: Throw a beach party!

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Planning the Perfect Party – It’s a Piece of Cake!

Your child’s birthday is coming soon. You want your child to have a terrific birthday party and create fun memories. With some simple planning and preparation, here are some easy ideas and tips to make your child’s party run smoothly.

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Birthday Parties for Babies

Baby's birthday is a major milestone in both the baby's and the parents' lives. Most baby birthdays are celebrated with family members, including grandparents, cousins, and so on. But parents who belong to mother groups or baby playgroups often celebrate with baby's peers. Either way, it's best to choose a theme and arrange the party around it. Here are a few tips and ideas for celebrating that special first, second or third birthday with your baby.

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