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Birthday Party Games for Tweens & Teens

Tweens and young teens may have outgrown party games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Musical Chairs, but
they still enjoy group activities. Here are a few ideas for your next tween bash:

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5 Cheap, Easy and Fun Birthday Party Ideas

You can’t get around birthdays - they come each year for all of us! And most children want to celebrate with a party every year. Parents want to create a special day for their child, but often become overwhelmed at the expense and work involved in throwing their child a birthday party.

Here are some cheap and easy ideas for a fun birthday party:

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Winter Birthday? Embrace the Season

Ah, wintertime. It’s cold, snowy and as soon as Christmas is over, it can be pretty glum. After all, there is usually a
good four months left of winter after the holiday season, and sometimes kids need a little excitement to sustain them until spring. This is especially the case if a little one has a birthday in the chilly winter season. Just follow this quick guide and you’ll be set for an easy, fabulous winter birthday party.

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Baby It's Cold Outside! Why Not Have a Beach Party?

Invitations - Make fun summer invitations with the birthday boy or girl. You can cut out shapes of beach items and
glue them onto construction paper or use summer stickers to make them more festive. Tell your guests to dress for the beach!

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