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Planning the Perfect Party - It’s a Piece of Cake

Your child’s birthday is coming soon. You want your child to have a terrific birthday party and create fun memories. With some simple planning and preparation, here are some easy ideas and tips to make your child’s party run smoothly.

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20 Quick and Creative Ways to Make Your Child’s Birthday Extra Special

Your child's birthday is the most important day of the year! You can make it even more memorable by adding these easy, inexpensive and imaginative touches throughout the day.

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Birthday Traditions - 15 Ways to Create Magical Moments

A child’s birthday has to be the most anticipated day of the year. If your child is like most, as soon as the party is over, they are already talking about what they want to do or get for their next birthday - 364 days away! I know every parent wants their child’s birthday to be spectacular, and each year, as your child gets older and their wants become greater, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype of trying to outdo the previous year’s birthday.

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Birthdays on a Budget

Birthday parties are a celebration of our children's life. Parties also create memories for our kids and ourselves. However, sometimes parents get carried away with decorations, elaborate cakes and goodie bags. If the party breaks your budget, then it becomes an unnecessary stress for you as the parent. With some planning, you can put on a fun-filled party that easily stays within your budget and everyone will enjoy the day.

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