PCA 2020


Party Planning is a Piece of Cake!

Birthday parties can be tricky. As a parent, you want to do something special for your child’s birthday, but at the same time, it can be tough to have a party with a ton of kids go seamlessly. An easy fix: keep it simple, but add one or two of these unique ideas to liven it up a bit.

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Birthday Home Party Pointers

Over the past 13 years, with five children of various ages, I have organized a total of 45 birthday parties. Due to the rising cost of outside-the-home parties, we have had many home parties that were just as fun, inexpensive and customized for the birthday child’s desired theme. Involving the birthday child also gives them a valuable appreciation for the effort required to host a party.

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Come One, Come All to the Carnival!

Fun and creative ideas for throwing a carnival-themed children's birthday.

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Get Straight "A"s on Your Graduation Party!

After years of teachers and textbooks, it’s time to reap the benefits from all that studying! Hosting a goodbye to grades celebration doesn’t require a lot of pomp and circumstance. Choose a theme for the party, such as “Forever Summer Vacation” with a luau theme, “Welcome to the Jungle” with a rainforest theme, “Smooth Sailing” with a nautical touch, or “Show Me the Money” with a financial angle to the party. Then follow these easy tips to make your graduation celebration a “class” act.

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