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Holiday shopping on a dime

Looking at the list of things your kids want for Christmas might leave you wondering how you are going to afford to pay for their holiday outfits!

For those who celebrate around this time of year, schedules are often full of gatherings and photos. With the price of everything skyrocketing, more families are turning to consignment stores to get their clothing and ensure they have enough money left over to put presents under the tree.

It is possible to get beautiful designer clothes at a great price, and shopping consignment has the added benefit of being environmentally sustainable.

Check out a few of the benefits of putting consignment in your cart this year: 


Affordable prices 

The most obvious benefit of shopping at a consignment store is the lower prices.

“Consignment is a great place for any special occasion, but especially during the holidays when funds are stretched and clothing items are generally only worn a couple of times,” says Lani Atkinson, owner of sproutz&Uturn, a consignment store that sells adult and children’s clothing.  


Unique items

Chances are your kids are looking for their own style – a way to make them stand out. What better way than with an item that is discontinued, vintage, or one-of-a-kind? Consignment stores also restock often, so there’s something new every time you visit.

“A consignment store like Vespucci is a great place to shop for holiday looks because the store is not limited to specific brands or styles,” says Denton Traptow, studio manager and photographer for Vespucci Consignment. 

“There are so many different products to choose from at a variety of price points and sizes. We sell clothing, footwear and accessories to complete a whole outfit.”


Quality clothing

Consignment clothing has been carefully chosen by the staff before being put up on the rack. This ensures that you can find great wardrobe pieces, in good shape, without breaking the bank.

“Shopping consignment is a way to get better quality items at a lower price point,” says Denton.

Vespucci Consignment opened in 1986 and includes 5000 square feet of retail space as well as an online store. “Our product ranges from luxury handbags and accessories, event dressing, business apparel, wardrobe staples and athletic clothing.”

He adds that a common misconception about consignment stores is that they are hard to shop in. However, the knowledgeable staff and high turnover rate of products mean that the opposite is usually true. “With so much selection, almost any customer can find something they like,” Denton says.


Eco-friendly consumption

Consignment stores support conscious consumerism. Buying preloved clothing and accessories reduces the number of items in the landfill and decreases the demand for manufacturing new products and the environmental impact of doing so.

“We have been saying this for decades, but it is more relevant than ever – (shopping consignment) is so much better for the environment,” says Lani. “Consigned items have already been manufactured, marketed, shipped, packaged and washed – buying a consigned item continues its lifespan, keeps it from ending up in the local or global landfill and significantly reduces production and packaging stress.”

sproutz&Uturn is dedicated their “no item goes to the landfill” policy and opened Thriftopia in 2015, an online and brick-and-mortar store where items are sold at set prices. Any items left over then go on to a local textile recycling company.  


It works the other way

Perhaps the best part about shopping consignment is that it offers you the option to sell your unwanted items as well. You can make money by selling your quality pieces back to the store and feel better about not throwing them out.

“Calgary and the area have so many amazing consignment stores and we all offer a different vibe,” says Lani. “Consigning your items at the right time of year and at the right place can make a huge difference to your return.”

Have your family looking great and feeling awesome about the clothes they are wearing this holiday season by shopping consignment. CCM


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