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School playgrounds you won’t want to miss

Calgary’s school playgrounds have come a long way over the last few years. Gone are the days where every playground looked nearly identical! The hard work of the parents and larger communities at these schools have created some amazing places to play. School playgrounds are typically geared towards school-aged children, but most have a lot to offer for younger kids as well. 


School playgrounds in Calgary are nearly all open to the public. Some schools are more or less welcoming during school hours. If the school is actively using the equipment, it is best to visit at another time.

  1. Eric Harvie School Playground – 357 Tuscany Drive NW

Eric Harvie has some great features to challenge older kids – they will particularly enjoy the tall rope-y climber. The accessible flooring is great for little kids because it makes it so easy to get around. The roller slide and the large blue spinner are sure to be a hit.

  1. Midnapore School Playground – 55 Midpark Rise SE

Older kids will love the climbing features and playing pretend on the rocketship climber. Great for families that have a wide age range as the skatepark is also nearby. Little kids will love the ramp system and how easy it is to get around on the accessible flooring.

  1. Kenneth D. Taylor School Playground – 30 Evanscove Circle NW

This inclusive playground includes some really great features like the roller slide, color spinner, dome cave and web climber. The setting is not the most attractive at the moment and there is currently no seating but the playground is solid.

  1. 12 Mile Coulee School Fitness Park Playground – 65 Tuscany Hills Road NW

The equipment at this park is set up in a circuit-like pattern. It was designed to be challenging and support the middle school’s phys ed and fitness programs.

Really little kids might not find a lot to keep them interested, but younger kids can still find things to enjoy like playing keep-off-the-ground and climbing on the spider web.

  1. Eugene Coste School Playground – 10 Hillgrove Crescent SW

This playground really stands out for its unusual and challenging climbing equipment. Both the silver curvy climber and the hexagon climbers were big hits with my older kids. The bouncer and spinner will be hits with young kids.

  1. St. Andrew School Playground – 4331 41 Avenue SW

The playground at St. Andrew School has some cool features including a zipline and an accessible zipline. Unfortunately, this playground doesn’t have accessible flooring, which would make it a really great inclusive playground but it is still really great. It has one of only a few accessible ziplines in Calgary as well as some fun and challenging climbing equipment.

Dana searches out the best places to play, eat, and learn with her kids in Calgary, across Alberta, and beyond. Her three kids also contribute their unfiltered opinions to her reviews. To explore more, visit and follow her on Instagram @yycdana. 


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