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More of Calgary’s best sweet treats

Looking for a special sweet treat to share this summer? Lucky you – we live in Calgary!

Calgary’s food scene is legendary, and desserts are no exception. From international ice cream to some truly gigantic cinnamon buns, there’s almost nothing you can’t find here from anywhere in the world. Check out this list of some of our favorite new sweet spots! Whether you're seeking a brand-new experience or an old fave, you’re bound to find something you love! 

Texas Donuts at Glamorgan Bakery

3919 Richmond Road SW

What’s a Texas donut, you ask? It’s a really big donut, of course! Head to Glamorgan Bakery and share (or don’t!) one of these giants. Available in sugar glazed, sprinkle, or chocolate glaze.  

Taiyaki at Stuffies Pastries

Multiple locations

Who doesn’t love taiyaki? A fish-shaped waffle cone (taiyaki) is the best way to eat soft-serve. These soft waffle cones are topped with a creamy soft serve and finished with delectable toppings and syrups. Several flavor combinations are available, as are gluten-free and vegan options at Stuffies Pastries. 

Milkshakes at Angel’s Drive In

8603 47 Avenue NW

With 33 different flavors to choose from, Angel’s Drive In has a milkshake for everybody! This classic drive In diner is located in beautiful Bowness – if you’re hungry, the milkshakes pair perfectly with their burgers!

Crêpe at Ma Bonne Crêpes & Sandwiches

Calgary Farmer’s Market South and West

Can’t choose between sweet or savory? Have one of each! Ma Bonne Crêpes & Sandwiches has a selection of delicious flavors to suit everybody’s taste, but we think you can’t go wrong with Nutella, banana and whipped cream. This long-standing family business serves delicious treats at both Calgary Farmers Market locations, making it the perfect spot to hit after shopping at all the amazing local vendors. 

Tiramisu at Lina’s Italian Market

Multiple locations

Lina's Italian Market, which has four locations throughout Calgary, is the ideal spot to pick up a special Italian dessert. Tiramisu is our favorite! They offer tiramisu in all kinds of sizes, from single-serving cups to giant slabs for family parties. Not a fan? Not to worry – there are a ton of other great choices! The markets provide inside seating so customers can eat lunch, have a coffee and browse their selection of imported goods.

Anything at Pretty Sweet Bakery

536 42 Avenue SE

Everything about this Instagram-worthy bakery is stunning, from the baked goods to the interior design. It’s the perfect place to get unique and beautiful cakes, cookies, donuts and macrons for any event! Anybody else remember Dunkaroos? Don’t miss their filled sandwich cookies – so nostalgic! 

Ice Cream at Annie’s Café

15985 Bow Bottom Trail SE

After a run, bike ride, or stroll around Fish Creek Park, stop by Annie’s Café for a sweet treat. Every ice cream flavor is fantastic at this farmhouse cafe, which offers both seasonal and nostalgic flavors ranging from bubble gum to chocolate. 

Dream Cream Pie at Pies Plus Cafe

12445 Lake Fraser Drive SE

The Dream Cream Pie is a seasonal dessert served at Pies Plus Cafe until August 31. The deep-dish fruit and whipped cream pie is such a favorite that it is often sold out – we wish it was served year round! If you miss out on that flavor, though, don’t hesitate to try any of their other 80+ amazing flavors. Pies Plus is debit and cash only, so plan ahead!

Cinnamon Buns at Dinner Deluxe

Multiple locations

These are some of the best cinnamon buns in the whole city, and they’re only available on the weekends at Diner Deluxe! These gigantic sweet treats are great to share, but we don’t blame you if you don’t. They’re only available in limited numbers, and you have to ask for them directly at the restaurant – shh, don’t tell anybody else! 


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