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Outside Fun: Growing Your Own Veggie Garden

Unfortunately, many children today do not know where their food comes from. Many would even draw a blank if you pointed to a jar of canned veggies and asked them how they ended up on the store shelf. The good news is you can change that! With the nice weather on your side, you can coach your kids to play an active role in growing their own fresh produce. 

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Coaching Kids to Put Some Spring in Their Step - 10 Super Backyard Games that Equal Family Fun

Days and nights are longer and staying lighter. Families have more time to reconnect after an otherwise disjointed day. Summertime is beckoning families to the great outdoors. What better way to de-stress than to run around with the kids in your own backyard and spend quality time with the family. If you play hard, you’ll even work off those extra lattes you were sipping to stay awake during those cold winter months. In addition, what better way to encourage a love of being active and outdoors? If you’re ready to enjoy the warm weather and have some backyard fun, grab the kids, head outside and play a few of these super fun, family-friendly games.

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Dig This! Indulge Your Creative Side One Flower at a Time

Whether you are the most novice gardener, or have been blessed with the greenest thumb around, container planting can be - and is - for you.

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20 Inexpensive Ways to Entertain Your Kids in the Winter

It's winter break.... or maybe it's a snow day. Whatever it is, the kids are home from school, you're broke and they're driving you a little crazy. Besides begging a relative to take them for a few hours, what can you do to entertain and enjoy your kids when it's cold outside and you're stuck indoors?

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