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51 Fun Outside Adventures

This is the where-to list for getting out and about in the city this summer.

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Avoiding the B-Word: 16 Summer Boredom Solutions

Nowadays, teaching your kids how to enjoy simple, old-fashioned fun is not easy. Nevertheless, it is worth your time - you won’t be trapped on the "I need a new toy every week" spending treadmill and your kids will be able to entertain themselves at any time and place. This means less whining, less fighting with siblings, and fewer discipline problems for you.

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For Summer Fun - Just Add Water

The living may be easy in summertime, but nothing lowers the temperature and raises the fun like water, especially when you’ve got a house full of hot, bored kids looking for ways to beat the heat. The City of Calgary's wading pools, spray parks and outdoor pools feature fresh air, sunshine, and water fun for everyone. So why not pull out those swimsuits, pack a picnic, grab the sunscreen, and head out to any of these family favorite destinations.

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Boredom Busters for Summertime Success

School’s out – the daily pace changes. Evenings stretch later and mornings aren’t so harried. Initially, this can be great. For some families, the situation gets old quickly. Togetherness 24/7 can be quite taxing. Emotions get out of hand and sibling rivalry sky-rockets. Expecting our children to play together all the time is unrealistic, especially if they are out of practice. We feel like yelling, “Can’t you two just get along?!” Well, maybe they can’t.

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