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Summer Survival Strategies - Seven Suggestions For Surviving Summer

School is out, summer is upon you and you have "only" 66 days in which to keep your child(ren) occupied. What do you do? Where can you go? How can you make it easy on your pocketbook?

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Are We There Yet?

Our first driving trip from Calgary to Florida was a disaster, but of course, it did not start out that way. Our children were so excited about meeting Mickey Mouse, the long drive did not seem to phase them. Besides, according to our map, Florida was only 11 inches away! We were ill prepared, chose all the wrong foods and were frustrated even before we were out of town.

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12 Tips For Play Dates

As a kid growing up in Calgary in the 1960's, I could walk out my front door and I'd always have a playmate. Play on my block went mostly unsupervised and it was wonderfully free form. Back then, parents usually stayed out of children's play.

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