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The scoop on food allergies

“I couldn’t live without ice cream and pizza!” a kid exclaimed to their friend as my daughter and I walked past. My child and I looked at each other with knowing glances and later she said, “Mommy, I don’t have ice cream or pizza.” She was right; pizza and ice cream contain milk, and she has a milk allergy. 

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What’s for dinner? Slow cooker freezer meals!

Weeknight meals can be a hassle, especially with competing schedules and limited prep time. Despite our best intentions to buy healthy ingredients and stop ordering in pizza so much, dinner is often the first thing to fall apart after a busy day. 

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Make a Frugal Grocery Spending Plan for a Family of 4

Frugal is being intentional about what your money goes toward. Creating a grocery spending plan for your family makes being intentional with your money easier. Notice that I don’t call this a ‘budget.’ I dislike the word because it sounds restrictive. ‘Spending plan’ sounds more exciting and fun!

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'My Favorite Meal' Party

Coming up with an idea for dinner every night is a parent’s biggest frustration. We try to find a meal that everyone enjoys, that can be put together quickly, and reheats well for families on the go. Many of us Pin new recipes on Pinterest, but how many do we actually try?

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