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House to Home

Creating a Family Room With Style

A family room is just that – a room for your family. But having children does not necessarily mean that your home can’t have style. You just have to compromise; maybe you decorated it before you had a child and you don’t want to lose that style that you worked so hard to achieve. You don’t have to lose it, just work with it.

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You're Never Too Young to Get Organized!

Parents often find themselves frustrated and annoyed at the mess in their home because of their child's disorganization. Perhaps it's time to encourage your child to join in with the clean-up routine. 

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10 Tips to Conquer Kid Clutter

I get exhausted just thinking about how much clutter kids are born with: clothes, shoes, diapers, wipes, bottles, toys, stuffed animals, paperwork and on and on. And it only gets worse as they grow up and start to participate in activities outside the home (think ballet shoes, softball equipment, Scout projects, homework papers and such). Sure, you can tell your kid to clean their room, but chances are they have too much and won’t even know where to start. Why not give a few of these tips a try to help your household recover from clutter.

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Tackle the Toys!

Are your kids’ toys taking over your home? Are the toys stored in a designated play area, or throughout the whole house? If you would like to get the toys under control, set aside a couple of hours and follow these simple steps. (Don’t forget to include your child in this project!)

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