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House to Home

Decorating Your Child's Bedroom

Whether you’re planning for your new arrival’s nursery, a ‘big kid’ room for your little one or have children on the cusp of that 'tween and teenage change, there are many design options that you will like, and they will love!

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Home Bursting at the Seams? Home Improvement Meets Smart Storage

Is your home bursting at the seams? Are you exhausted with the piles that seem to grow overnight? Think you need a bigger home? More square footage won’t solve the problem, but how you design and organize the storage spaces will. The reality is, not all open concept homes use space effectively. The result is non-functioning areas that enable disorganization. With a little creativity and a storage design plan, even 1,000 square feet can feel spacious! Whether you are tackling a large scale reno or a few DIY mini-projects, here’s a few ideas to inspire!

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Living Large In A Small Space

When we purchased our first home, friends commented on its small size. “We don’t intend to stay forever,” my husband replied. “In three years, we’ll sell and move up.”

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Fall Maintenance

 Now that kids have settled back into school and the days are shorter, it's time to think about getting your home ready for winter.

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