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House to Home

Home Buying: What Are You Looking For?

You’re ready for that new house. It might be that your current home isn’t what your  family needs, or your family has decided to take the leap into homeownership for the first time. Whatever it may be, it is always good to see what options are available. It is important to be able to  find what will be best for you and your family’s needs, both now, and in the future.

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10 Practical Solutions to Help Families Save More and Spend Less

We know how hard it is to stay on budget when you are running a busy household. And surprisingly, more money is not the solution to spending less. Many people simply spend more when their income increases. The key to money management is mindful spending; carefully choosing where you want your money to go. Before you pull out that credit card again, read these 10 practical tips to help the whole family decrease unnecessary spending.

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Family Matters When it Comes to Taxes!

If you have a family, filing an income tax return is about more than just declaring what you owe - it’s an opportunity to take advantage of the many credits and benefits available to support your family finances. The deadline to file your personal income tax and benefit return is April 30, but why wait - especially if you’re expecting a refund or claiming benefits.

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Personal Oasis: Decorating Your Master Bedroom

You’ve baked, you’ve bought, you’ve entertained, you’ve travelled – the annual holiday rush is done. With all of the guests, gifts, toys, clutter and clean-up, the house can feel a bit overrun.  For at least the month of December, you have probably been doing a lot for others. Now is the time to consider doing something for yourself.  Why not create a space that’s all yours? The Master Bedroom is a place that’s made for rest, but you can also transform it into a personal oasis, away from the regular hustle and bustle of your home.

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