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Stand-Out, Back-To-School Hair: Tips, Techniques and Trends


With the crisp fall air just around the corner and back to school looming, parents everywhere are getting their kids ready for the big day. Beaners Fun Cuts for Kids offers advice to ensure kids head back to school in style with the following tips, trends and time-saving techniques:

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Six Strategies for Living Large in Small Spaces

At a recent gathering of women, I overheard a conversation that is becoming all too familiar in our social circles. The conversation went like this: “We don’t have enough space” and, “We need to buy a bigger place because we are squished in our home and the kids’ junk just seems to be multiplying.”

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6 Simple, Functional and Kid-Friendly Home Decorating Ideas

Home décor does not have to be tedious - or expensive. Take the hard work out of the process, get creative and embrace the variety of ways you can add personal touches to your home that are not only decorative, but functional.

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One Room, Two Kids - Designing and Decorating a Shared Space

When I was a kid, lots of my friends shared a bedroom with a brother or sister - that was just how things were. My own daughters, however, were horrified at the prospect. One likes fairies and one loves bugs; one is a dog person, the other is into cats. How could they possibly share one bedroom?! Yes, there were some tears, but our story has a happy ending.

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