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Work-Life-Kids Balance

Seven Golden Rules for Working at Home

Thinking of starting a work-at-home business while the baby is napping or the kids are in school? Nowhere in the working world is a boss going to give you the kind of flexibility you get working for yourself.

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Staying Sane with the Road Warrior Spouse

A parent’s frequent and prolonged absences due to business travel can put enormous strain on a marriage and family unit as a whole.

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What To Do Once You've Been Laid Off

You've been laid off. Now what? So, the economy has gone downhill, you’ve been laid off, you’ve been looking for work for months; you’ve sent out a hundred resumes and still no luck… Welcome to the club (but not for long).


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So You Wanna Be a Stay-At-Home Dad, Do Ya?

A survey I noted sometime back suggested that some 49 per cent of working fathers (why don’t they just say “half”?) would like to trade their neckties for apron strings and stay home with their kids. As a father who did that very thing eight years ago now (has it only been eight years? Feels longer than that...) I feel a duty to fully inform ‘The Brotherhood’ about aspects of the decision that may otherwise be overlooked or downplayed, and that may not have been fully disclosed by those conducting the survey.

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