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Work-Life-Kids Balance

Achieving Financial Success

As a mom, we make many decisions that affect our financial picture.  Whether you choose to stay at home, work part time, or work full time, there are steps you can take to ensure financial success for your family.

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Business Baby Steps

Increasingly, parents, divided over staying home and bringing in a paycheck, are turning in their briefcases for the luxury of working in their pajamas. It doesn’t hurt that home businesses are seen as a way to solving the daycare dilemma, eliminating the guilt of going back to work, and, of course, eliminating packed transit, or navigating Calgary’s nightmarish traffic.

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Making it Work - Fathers on Parental Leave

Last fall, my wife surprised me with the news that we were expecting our second child. Unplanned as it was, I was determined to take advantage of the government-endorsed parental leave. Expanded in 2000, parental leave is a federal initiative granting new parents access to 35 weeks of paid leave.

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Trade Show Success Tips

Tips and Tricks to Ensure a Successful Trade Show

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