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Ages 0-5

The Truth About Vaccinations

We all want to give our children every advantage in order to make their lives healthy and successful.  We enroll them in the best schools and programs to give them the best start we can.  Yet, as a family doctor, I often face parents who either refuse or delay vaccinating their children, claiming they are acting in the best interests of the children. 

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Safe Food Makes Happy, Healthy Babies


Babies are at a greater risk for food-borne illness than older children or adults because of immature immune systems. So, whether you use commercial formula or food or make your own, follow this advice from the Alberta Home Economics Association's Food Safety Info Line when preparing to feed little ones

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Congratulations - You're A Parent!

Did you ever think you'd have so many questions about such a small person? Well, you're not alone. Most first-time parents prepare well for childbirth, taking at least 12 to 14 hours of classes for an average 18 to 24 hour labor. But how much preparation have you had for the 157,680 hours of parenting you'll experience over the next 18 years? … Yikes! No wonder you're overwhelmed some days!

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When the Tears Won't Stop

Everyone expects a few tears after the birth of a baby. First come the tears of joy as  parents gaze in amazement at their new creation. Then come the occasional tears of frustration born from the constant demands of a newborn.

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