PCA 2020

Ages 11-17

Boy Crazy Girls

What is happening to our little girls? When they were eight, they were devoted to their girlfriends, and boys were still ‘yucky’. At nine, they were still passionate about improving their dance steps or learning the secrets of the lay-up shot.

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Fall Rules - Developing Rules With Your Teen

As the mornings get cooler and the days shorter, we reluctantly admit that summer is over and fall is upon us. For parents of children over six, this means that school is about to begin again.

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Teens Need (And Want) Family Time

One of the most common misconceptions that parents of teenagers have is that their children no longer want to spend time with them. This idea stems partially from the rising importance of friends, as children become teenagers, and the resulting time that they want to spend with them.

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The Perils Of Puberty

The mere mention of the word 'puberty' causes most parents to cringe, either with dread if their children are little, or with sympathy if they have passed that stage. Suddenly, the child who used to say that you were the best mom or dad in the world is shouting that they hate you at the top of their lungs. What has happened to your little boy or girl?

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