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Stomp, Chomp, and Roar! It’s a Dinosaur Party!

Typically, dinosaurs are a fascination for kids. Dinosaurs were big, destructive, loud, and most likely chewed with their mouth open; what’s not to like? If you have a young dinosaur enthusiast at home, treat them to a dinosaur-themed birthday party that will be remembered for the next million years!

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5 Party Games for Tweens and Teens

Up until about age 10, most kids are happy if a birthday party includes balloons, a couple of games, and cake. But as children move into the tween and teen years, party planning becomes more complicated. Partygoers in this age group still enjoy celebrating with friends, but want more than a round of musical chairs. 

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Spring Birthday? Pull Together a Quick and Inexpensive Indoor Garden Party

Looking for an easy, fun birthday party celebration for elementary school-age children? Browse these ideas and pick and choose what works for your birthday girl or boy. You can grab supplies for a garden party at craft stores and inexpensive party stores and be all set up and ready to host after an hour or two of prep (although everyone will think you worked much harder).

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Have a Valentine's Fondue Party!

While you could create a romantic candlelit fondue dinner for 
two, it’s easier and just as 
much fun to invite several other
couples to join you. I suggest
 three to four couples total, 
including the hosts, depending 
on how many courses you want
 to include in your meal. If you 
don’t mind hosting it potluck-
style, asking each couple to
 bring ingredients for one course
 not only disperses the food prep,
 it also adds variety as each couple has the opportunity to select their favorite ingredients to share. 

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