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Birthday Party Etiquette

Is there any activity that strikes as much fear in the heart of parents as that of planning a child’s birthday party? If you have friends who pride themselves on Martha Stewart-like capabilities, you may feel negligent if you haven’t picked out your theme, personalized invitations, and artisanal birthday cake at least six months in advance, never mind deciding whom to invite and what games the kids will play.

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Frosty Fiesta! Kick Your Child's Winter Birthday Party Up a Notch with Tantalizing Tacos

Warm up the cold winter months with a fiesta! You and your child’s party guests can escape Jack Frost at home with this Taco Bar Birthday Party! Kick your party food up a notch with a delicious selection of taco shells, meats and toppings, plus brightly-colored fiesta décor.

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Throw a Delicious Cooking-Themed Birthday Party

Does your son or daughter enjoy spending time in the kitchen preparing food for the family? Maybe you should consider a cooking-themed birthday this year. Including a child in the preparation of cooking satisfies their creative desires and teaches the basic skills for making healthy food. Typically a birthday party includes food, but for a cooking party, the preparation of the food becomes the party theme! 

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Celebrate Thanksgiving Charlie Brown's Way - Party Ideas for Turkey Time

As a child, I loved watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on TV. Since 1973, the Charles Schultz classic has entertained millions of kids on and around Thanksgiving Day. How many of us fantasized about eating jelly beans and popcorn instead of our mother’s green bean casserole? This year, make the kids’ table the best one in the house by recreating a Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving. Entertain the kids with crafts, games, and, of course, Chef Snoopy’s famous Thanksgiving meal (Jelly beans, popcorn, pretzels, and toast). It will be a Thanksgiving they will never forget!

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