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Tween Party Ideas

Well, this certainly isn’t the type of article I thought I’d ever be writing, but I rose to the challenge! Since we are all self-isolating and keeping our families safe, the options for birthday party locations have whittled down to one option: your home. So, what do you do for your tween that is already hard to please in the best of circumstances? Start with a theme (you know I love a good theme to up the enjoyment factor!).

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Choosing a Birthday Party Theme

I love everything to do with parties! For me, the planning process is almost as fun as the party itself. With every party I plan, my first step is always deciding on a theme. Once I’ve chosen the theme, the ideas start pouring in. To choose the right party theme for your child, think about their interests. Do they have a favorite movie, a favorite place to play, or a favorite movie or book character? Here are some questions to ask yourself when brainstorming theme ideas for birthday parties.

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A Stress-Free Birthday Countdown

Planning a memorable birthday event can be the highlight of your child’s year, if you maximize the fun and minimize the stress. The best way to increase the magic and decrease the madness is to use a handy checklist so you can start early and get ready, gradually. Or if you want to plan your party in one fell swoop a few weeks ahead, this checklist will help you do that, too.

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Bringing Siblings to Birthday Parties

16 years ago, my five-year-old son sobbed into my arms because he wanted to go to the birthday party only his sister was invited to. “I’m sorry,” I told him, “I know you want to go, but you weren’t invited.” Back then, an uninvited sibling at a birthday party was a rare sighting. Fast forward to my seven-year-old’s party this past Spring. Siblings are so prevalent at birthday parties nowadays that I didn’t even know some of the children in attendance.

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