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The Ultimate Kid’s Home Birthday Party

Looking to turn your home into celebration central? “When you open up your home, you’ll develop a deeper bond with your guests. When they’re invited into your space, they get to know you better,” says Aviva Samuels, owner of Kiss the Planner, a wedding and party-planning service. Another home party perk: You can be as creative as you want. If you want to transform your backyard into a circus, there’s no one saying: ‘Sorry. We don’t allow actual circuses.’ You can attach birthday decorations to the walls, the ceiling, and set up whenever you want. “In your home, you make your own rules,” says Samuels. Your child may be more comfortable there, too.

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Birthday Parties for the Introverted Child

Every kid loves a birthday party, right? Nope! For a shy or introverted child, big noisy parties are often events to be dreaded instead of celebrated. So how can parents mark these important milestones in their child’s life in a way that makes everyone happy? First of all, you know your child best. Careful listening and discussion will reveal what your birthday child needs and wants in a celebration.

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The Secrets to Throwing an Epic Birthday Party on a Dime

When I received the invite to my nephew’s pirate party, I was worried. The event was being held during the wintertime at his house, so all the five-year-old kids would be cooped up. How would over 20 kids be entertained in a small area indoors? Would I hear so many chaotic screams of “Arrrs” and “Ahoys” that I would want to walk the plank?

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Host an Incredible(s) Birthday Party

With the Incredibles return to the big screen this past summer, a new generation of kids have the opportunity to fall in love with the Parr family and their super friends. From
the moment kids hear the Incredibles theme song, they are hooked. They want to be an Incredible, too! If that sounds like your child, why not throw them an Incredibles-themed birthday party this year? Have no fear! We have some ideas to get you started!

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