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3 Savvy Strategies To Organize Your Disorganized Student

Hey, mom… just so you know, I’ve got a test on Friday I’m gonna fail.” My sixth-grader has barely stepped through the front door when he utters this. He is an excellent student so my head is spinning. “What do you mean fail? You’ve got three more days to study?” But he is already grinding his perfectly straight teeth, scowling as he announces, “I can’t do it.” Still calm, I unsuccessfully try to appeal to his reason. Within seconds, I am shouting, “Then I guess you’ll be grounded for a month!” Sound familiar?

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My Son Won’t Sit Still! 8 Strategies to Help Him Focus and Help You Stay Sane

As the mom of two sons, I know endless jumping, drumming and spinning leaves even the most serene parent gasping for oxygen. Holy Hyperactivity, I know it well.

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Just Bored? Or Is It More? Four Great Tips From a Tutor

All of us can recall moments we were beyond bored in school. Maybe it was when that long-winded science teacher with a monotone read directly from the textbook. Or during that math unit when associative, commutative and identity properties failed to thrill you. Remember? Exciting stuff! Of course you can relate. But if your child is whining, “I’m bored,” it’s possible the B-word may not be the real issue at all. Sometimes boredom actually masks disinterest, academic struggle, lack of challenge or conflict with a teacher. In turn, such obstacles to learning may trigger underachievement, low grades or a diminished self-image.

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Breaking Your Child's Bad Homework Habits: Four Tips Proven to Help the Procrastinator

There are many students who put off work until the last minute. Although their reasons vary, one thing is for sure - procrastinators underestimate the time it will take to complete their work and overestimate how much time is available to do it. When procrastination impacts academics, students need parental intervention in order to change the behaviors that are limiting their success.

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