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Twelve Wonderful Winter Traditions

By the end of summer, my son Michael is always asking, “When is winter coming?” When I ask why he wants to know, he says, “Because I really want to play in the snow!” As much as I gripe about all the gear that goes on my kids before we head outside in the winter, the thrilled look on my kids' faces makes it all worth it. With all the fun things to do in winter, snow wonder kids and adults alike love it so much! Here are some favorite family traditions for you to make your own.

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10 Budget-Friendly Ways to Save and Have Fun Post Holiday

The holiday frenzy is over, and the kids are back to school - it's time to get organized and save some money! Here are 10 ideas that will not only keep the whole family entertained, but will keep money in your wallet, and the kids off the couch.

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Five Ways to Keep Your Child Busy This Winter (Without Spending Money)

Only a few weeks into the season of cold weather and shorter days and your children are singing the boredom blues. Don’t rush out to buy more toys. Instead, why not take a good look at what you already have in your house? That old adage comes to mind: ‘One person’s junk is another person’s treasure.’ Start with one of these easy suggestions and let your creativity grow from there.

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10 Budget-Friendly Ways to Celebrate the Holiday Season

It’s a wonderful time of the year, don’t you think? Everyone is in a cheery mood, snowflakes illuminate everything in a magical way, and it is, of course, the holiday season. Make the most of it and ensure that you spend as much time as you can enjoying the company of your family and friends, and avoid stressing over the holidays and spending too much money.

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