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10 Weeks of Summer Fun

Too often, summer goes by so fast that before you know it, the kids are back in school and schedules fill up with sports, lessons and other activities. If you’re looking for some cheap, fun activities to do with your kids during the summer, I have an idea for every week.

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Hot Tips and Tricks for a Cool Summer

Even at thirty-something years of age, I still love summer vacation. It is so exhilarating, that season of long days of sunshine, cool splashes at the pool, the crack of the bat hitting a baseball and, of course, daily doses of ice cream! However, an exceptional summer takes a little planning. Otherwise, September will come and you’ll find that you and the kids have spent the last three months in front of the television. Life is so much richer than that!

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Sizzling Summer Fun on a Budget

The days are hot and long, the kids are out of school and everyone is looking for something fun to do that won’t burn holes in their pockets. Here are nine budget-friendly ways to have fun with the whole family this summer!

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Summer in the City

If you’re ready for a little family R&R, you don’t need to look beyond your own front door! Family vacations are terrific. But they’re not hassle-free. Between making travel arrangements, getting the family to agree to an itinerary and watching your credit card bills go up, up, up, vacations can be downright stressful. And let’s not even think about the price of gas, which has affected not only driving costs, but the price of airline tickets, too.

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