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Calgary on the Cheap - 10 Budget-Friendly Tips to Get the Most out of Spring

Ahh, the flowers are beginning to bloom, the grass is turning green and the birds are chirping. Is there anything better than springtime in Calgary? This is the perfect time to get outside, shake off your winter blahs and soak up the warmth of the coming season. Here are 10 ideas and tips to make sure that you and your family make the most of spring, while saving money and having fun!

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Geocaching: Guaranteed Family Fun!

Imagine a family activity that gets everyone outdoors into the fresh air. Where everyone cooperates and works together toward one common goal, that can be done practically anywhere and that even incorporates a tech toy, namely a GPS (Global Positioning System) to find hidden treasure. Yes – hidden treasure!

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March Motivation!

I often find that March is a tough month for parents and kids. The excitement of the new school year is long gone, the holiday season is definitely over, the humdrum of the usual routine has become stale, and the summer is not quite yet around the corner.

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Kids Dig Dirt - Tips for Spring Gardening With Your Little Sprout

Trying to manage the growing of vegetables and planting of spring flowers can be overwhelming with young children in tow, but it can be done. Spring is a great time to let children get down and dirty with you in the soil: when you’re cleaning out your garden for planting, there is no risk of fresh flowers getting pulled or seeds being trampled.

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