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Reel Life: Family Movie Night

Winter is in full swing and activities tend to run short when it comes to having fun with your kids indoors during these dreadfully cold months. When you have children that are infants or toddlers, being confined to four walls can feel like a prison. Finding ways to create a fun family atmosphere can be beneficial. One of these ways includes movie nights; nights like these work well for all ages and family dynamics and can be a fun, affordable way to endure the cold months. Renting or buying a couple of family movies can be a refreshing way to enjoy some family time and bond with your children.

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Taking a Road Trip with Your Baby

Off to Grandmother’s house we go! And you’re driving - how can you make the long trip enjoyable with a baby along? There’s no question that marathon car trips with a baby on board take a good amount of planning and organization. But it can be done - and yes, it can even be fun.

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Out and About – Smooth Flights

Flying with young children may seem liking a daunting undertaking. After all we’ve probably all smiled sympathetically across the plane at a frazzled parent with their inconsolable infant or the bored-to-tears toddler. “Air travel with young children doesn’t have to consist of fussing and crying, with a little planning and a preparation, travel with children can go off without a hitch” says Lesley Keyter, The Travel Lady.

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Budget-Friendly Family Fun for the Holidays!

At this time of year, things tend to get pricey. Between gifts, warm clothes and the arrival of snow-sport season, you may already feel holes burning in your pockets. Luckily, ‘tis the season for holiday cheer, so let’s cool those pockets with 10 great ideas for budget-friendly family fun and money-saving tips.

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