PCA 2020


The Power of Play

Playing with your baby may not seem like much more than a fun fest, when, say, they coo at their rattle or try their hands at stacking ‘donuts.’ But make no mistake. What looks like downtime to us is work to little ones – and toys are the tools for getting the job done.

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Calgary on the Cheap - Summer Edition

Welcome to CALGARY ON THE CHEAP – the new column that will highlight the best steals and deals for families on a budget. In each issue, you’ll get to find out where you can go and what you can do as a family without breaking the bank.

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Are We There Yet?: Summer Travel Survival – Car Games for Kids

Summertime is a fantastic time of year; time for sunshine, playtime and travel. Yet with travel can come long car trips and it can be challenging to keep the kids entertained. Most vehicles now have DVD players or kids have MP3 players or gaming systems; but for those parents who wish to either break up the techno session or break away from it all together, there are lots of fun games and activities that can be done in the car.

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Six Fun Things to Do Off the C-Train

To please children who want to ride the C-Train, many parents leave their cars at home for a day. There are many things parents and children can do in Calgary to learn and stay connected. Just off of the C-Train parents can take their children to parks, malls, bumper car venues, historic and interesting museums, cheap movies and inexpensive meals.

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