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Out and About – Smooth Flights

Flying with young children may seem liking a daunting undertaking. After all we’ve probably all smiled sympathetically across the plane at a frazzled parent with their inconsolable infant or the bored-to-tears toddler. “Air travel with young children doesn’t have to consist of fussing and crying, with a little planning and a preparation, travel with children can go off without a hitch” says Lesley Keyter, The Travel Lady.

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Budget-Friendly Family Fun for the Holidays!

At this time of year, things tend to get pricey. Between gifts, warm clothes and the arrival of snow-sport season, you may already feel holes burning in your pockets. Luckily, ‘tis the season for holiday cheer, so let’s cool those pockets with 10 great ideas for budget-friendly family fun and money-saving tips.

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Calgary on the Cheap: Ten Money-Saving Tips for Back to School

Welcome to the back-to-school edition of Calgary on the Cheap, where you’ll find helpful advice for budget-friendly family fun and tips on keeping your costs down for back-to-school shopping. Here are 10 tips for sticking to the budget at this costly time of year.

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10 Ways to Create Lasting Memories this Summer (Without Breaking the Bank!)

Summer is a perfect time to do things with your kids that just might make some lasting memories. These times will never present themselves again, because next summer your child will be one year older (you will, too) and they may not appreciate the family experience as much as they would this year.

Here are some suggestions. This isn't a mandatory list, so there's no need to become compulsive and do everything. In fact, one or more of these might give you your own ideas. It may be one of the things that bring a smile to your child's face long after they become an adult.

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