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Hit the Trails - Best Bike Paths in Calgary

Warm days are on their way and what better way to experience all Calgary has to offer than by taking a spin around town. With more than 550km of pathways and 260km of on-street bikeways, we have the most extensive urban pathway system. So no matter what age your children are there is a trail around town that will capture even the most hardened couch potato’s imagination. 

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Kids Dig Dirt

Gardening is the second most popular activity (behind walking) in Canada and it’s even more fun if you share it with a child! Sharing the fun of gardening gives you a friend with the same interests and provides a child with a hobby that can last a lifetime. Kids love dirt and are fascinated by what they find while digging, so it's a wonderful opportunity to teach your children about nature and the environment.

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Raise Your Hand if You Have Ever Volunteered!

Then you will understand when, I leave the house to attend a parent council meeting, community calling or work related idea, my husband yells out to me, “You can sit on your hands when they call for volunteers”!

It’s true, I think I am addicted to volunteering; on some level I think I can save the world if I am a part of the volunteer movement.

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Creative Downtown Escapes Your Kids Will Love!

Spring Break is on its way and your kids will be out of school before you know it. If your palms are clammy at the thought of an entire week filled with empty days and you dread the choruses of “I’m bored” that will start approximately five minutes after the bell has rung, the Calgary Downtown Association has compiled a list of great thing to do rain or shine. 

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