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Family Vacation - How to Successfully Organize an Enjoyable Summer Holiday

Let's face the facts, when traveling with children, the days of flying by the seat of your pants are few and far between. To minimize stressful days during your family vacation, plan ahead. If your destination is new to you, take the time to check online for information that could make your family vacation more enjoyable. You may find discount tickets for popular attractions, a list of kid-friendly restaurants and maps to make your pit stops a snap to locate.

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Child-Friendly Destinations - Pick from the quick drive, perfect weekend or adventurous weekend!

There’s nothing like enjoying steaming hot tubs, delicious breakfasts and movies in the company of the ones you love! Looking to get away this summer to children-friendly destinations? If great-service destinations and activities sound like your ideal vacation, surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains or lakes and vineyards, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a list of different destinations around Calgary that are sure to be popular with children and parents. Pick from the quick drive, perfect weekend or adventurous weekend!

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Tips for Travelling With Your Family

"He’s looking at me!"
"She’s kicking my seat!"
"Are we there yet?"
"I feel sick."

Ah, the family holiday. Whether traveling by car, boat, plane, train or even upside down roller coaster, my four children have kindly taught me to pre-plan (and in some cases prepare entire spreadsheets) to keep everyone entertained, happy, and feeling well. 

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Fabulous Fairholme Manor

I just had to get away. I was tired of the cold, the dark, the winter. Who wasn’t? I escaped with my family during a particularly bleak week in February to Victoria, BC and one of the most beautiful bed & breakfasts I had ever seen.

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