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Fabulous Fairholme Manor

I just had to get away. I was tired of the cold, the dark, the winter. Who wasn’t? I escaped with my family during a particularly bleak week in February to Victoria, BC and one of the most beautiful bed & breakfasts I had ever seen.

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Explore the Canadian Rockies (#11 On The Top Places to See)

I recently read a list of the world’s top 50 places you must see before you die. With, literally, thousands of destinations around the globe to visit, I was curious to learn where on the list I had been and also to know where I should dream of one day travelling. However, it was the realization that we, here in Calgary, are living on the doorsteps of one of those destinations that fascinated me the most.

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Holiday Traditions

Family traditions are the ties that bind and one of the reasons that holidays can be a very special time for families. When you think back to your own childhood, you may have fond memories of your own Christmas past. These are the memories of holiday traditions....things you did as a child that you probably now pass on to your own family.

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Family Etiquette for Guests and Hosts

It’s wonderful to renew acquaintance with our extended family, and to catch up on family news. However, bringing children to live with another family for a few days (or even weeks!) can be challenging for both hosts and guests. A few simple rules of courtesy can help smooth the way for a fun and pleasant visit for everyone.

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