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Five Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Family Vacation

Parents know: Family trips are often far from relaxing, and what's meant to be a dream vacation can all too quickly turn into a nightmare. But ensuring your trip goes smoothly is easier than you think. As long as the kids aren't bored, and the parents aren't stressed, families can avoid the bickering that all too often causes a trip to go awry. Easier said than done, of course, but picking the right hotel will go a long way toward tantrum-proofing your vacation. Avoid these five common mistakes when planning your trip, and you'll find yourself headed for family vacation bliss.

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Stress-Less Holiday

December is just around the corner and the holidays are rushing our way. How can we balance the kids, the kitchen duties, the gift buying and work without totally going nuts? The answer: Make as much as possible out of every single moment. These time-saving tips will help you make the month of December doable and fun.

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Host a Happy Halloween Party - A Ghoulish Good Time!


Host a Happy Halloween Party at your own haunted house, for both kids and grown-ups. Make it creepy or kooky, cover up in a costume, and keep the treats and tricks coming!

Eerie Invitations

To invite your ghoulish guests, send out "pumpkin pal" invitations. Blow up orange balloons and write party details on them with glow-in-the-dark pens. Then, deflate the balloons and mail them to guests with instructions to inflate the balloons in a dark room to read the message. Add plastic spiders and other creepy crawlers in the envelope to make the invite extra spooky.

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Plan a Great Vacation!

Some of my favorite childhood memories are from my family's vacations. Every summer my parents, three siblings and I would load up the station wagon and set out on what always promised to be a bonding experience. As soon as we got back from one vacation, we would take steps to plan the next one.

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