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Pack Smart for your Next Family Vacation

A trip with your family is a great way to create lasting memories, but traveling with babies and kids can be challenging. Vacation times are among the busiest of the year at Canadian airports and delays in security screening can occur when travellers are unaware of what they can and cannot bring in their carry-on bags.

Getting through airport security quickly and easily will help get your family vacation off to a great start. Here are our top tips to make your next family getaway as smooth as possible.

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It's Picnic Season in Kananaskis

When you think of having a picnic in Kananaskis, what first comes to your mind? If it’s Elbow Falls, you aren’t alone. The popular picnic site is crowded and filled to capacity with Calgarians every weekend from May through September. Wouldn’t you love to find a different picnic spot, though, that is just as beautiful, equally close to the city and much less busy? Enter Allen Bill Pond.

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Spring Adventures In Kananaskis Country

Our family believes in making the most of every season, and it isn’t hard to do that when spring is around the corner. The warmer weather beckons us to get outside and bask in the sun. Our favorite place to be on a lovely spring day is exploring one of the many family-friendly trails in Kananaskis. Below are my top choices for a family day hike:

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Moutains of Fun! Great Tips for Planning Your Family's Next Ski Adventure

Skiing solo was always a breeze: Put on the latest ski fashions, pack your wallet, throw skis into the car and head for the hills. With a family in tow, it’s a whole new ballgame. But, with a bit of forward planning, it can still be fun for all and worth the financial and physical investment.

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