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Travel Essentials for Children

We have traveled by airplane, car, ship and train. We have stayed with relatives, with friends, at hotels, at rental houses, at beach cabins, and in trailers and tents. We have learned the hard way about the challenges of travelling with children, including jet-lagged babies wide-awake at midnight, toddler tantrums on crowded airplanes, car-sick and homesick children, and bored teens enduring an endless torment of art galleries and museums. From our experience, I have developed the following list of essentials for travelling with children.

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Get Out of Town and Discover Johnston's Canyon

The canyon will amaze whoever walks along it (people of all ages from all over the world appreciate its natural beauty). It is the perfect place for kids to fulfill their curious minds, and for adults to remember that there is more to this world than their busy lives.

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Are We There Yet?

Summer holidays are a great time for families to bond; however, long stretches in the car can be frustrating for kids and challenging for parents. An excellent way to reduce frustration and maintain sanity is to visit the Calgary Public Library before a vacation.  The Library has a wide range of resources to keep your children entertained and stimulated, and you might enjoy them too!

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Flying with Family Checklist

Parents and grandparents have a new tool to help them plan ahead for their summer trip. The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority has put together its Flying with Family Checklist with useful advice for people travelling with children and people with medical needs. The Flying with Family Checklist covers some of the most frequently asked questions on travelling with baby food, medications, toys, plus other helpful tips. 

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