PCA 2020

Health & Wellness

Share Your Bear Program Comforts Young Victims

As a father, it breaks my heart to see children who are adversely affected by crime and misfortune. While no child should be touched by such tragedies, the reality is that some are. That’s why I am proud of the effort our community is making to support and comfort these children.

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Cut The Fat From Your Diet

If confusion and fear about fat have you spinning in the grocery aisles or puzzled when you open your kitchen cupboards to cook supper, here's the lowdown.

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Preventing Childhood Obesity

What do your kids do when they come home from school? If they are like the majority of Canadian children today, they grab a sugary, fat-laden snack, then plop themselves down in front of the TV for most of the evening. As a result, we have a growing problem on our hands: Canadian children are getting fat!

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AADAC - The Power To Choose: The Ability To Overcome

Parents often come to AADAC looking for advice about how to protect their children from developing a problem with alcohol or other drugs. The first thing we recommend is that they demonstrate responsible use of any drug, including alcohol, since children learn by watching the behavior of others, especially their parents.

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